What’s wrong with being different?

The Solana memecoin ecosystem is still immature. While the 24hr trading volume kocks on the $1B door daily. It’s a far cry from the maturity of the Ethereum ecosystems.

Solana’s immaturity is obvious by how on-chain projects are launched right now. 99% of them are a.) started on pump.fun with people exclaiming “iT’s MaRkEtInG” or b.) creating a liquidity pool on raydium. The latter is a more attractive proposition to some, while most of the Solana DeGens want those 1s pump fun snipe gains.

Regardless if a team has chosen A or B as their strategy, the results are nearly identical… If the hype is large enough, the coin is bursting into 7 figure market caps while others with small communities and completely retarded ideas struggle to see a humble 100k-200k mcap.

But the results? Smack, crash, bang, bounce, roll, bleeeeh -_-. Then it’s live streams and recorded spaces cursing at everyone to stop being faggots & pussies and buy buy buy. Insert eyeroll.

Have I participated? 100% yes. Have I profited? 100% yes. Have I lost my ass? 1000% yes. Am I sour? Hardly. I knew the game. Past present and future. But I’d like to attempt to be different and try to set an example for others it can be done differently.

WTF happened to a non-PVP presale? No sniping. No FOMO rush. With anti-jeet frameworks that don’t limit, just guide. Just, here, this the OTC price, here is the plan… you want in or not? The valuation is 4-5x what mcap entry will be. It’s conviction straight out the gate.

It’s my goal to be different. So how can I be different living in retardville chilling at the intersection of Solana Dr & Jeet St? I don’t fully know but I’m going to give it a go… will post plans in another post.


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