Anti-Jeet OTC $KIDS Presale

Did you fall for my clickbait? Wait wait, I’m being serious but it’s only half the story, so here is the full scoop.

Participants of the SPL token OTC presale for $KIDS are entering a trade that is roughly 4-5x higher than a desired mcap entry. What’s that mean?

Any participants that decide to trade their OTC tokens when a market opens would be trading at a 4-5x loss and must maintain their positions while the infant market begins to build a base.

This encourages OTC participants to also enter new trades at market open, while helping mature their current positions, and inviting others to participate.

As we see, many markets collapse due to early trades void of any conviction. On top of conviction there are variables that reward participants for maintaining and elevating their positions as the GFK ecosystem evolves.

I don’t see this happen very often anymore. Years back in early Ethereum token OTC presales this was far more common. Nowadays it seems everyone became fully retarded and void of attention beyond 6s vines.

One last element to this is building a base before kick-off. This is one variable I cannot control. The more involved from the onset, the better, healthier, and sustainable the entire ecosystem will be. HINT* Inviting others solves this.

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