The OG Memes of the 1980s

Garbage Fail $KIDS

Look here you smug punk, back in my day….. we had no innanets and Garbage Pail Kids were the OG Memes of the 1980s & 1990s. $KIDS (Garbage Fail Kids) is the first & only real parody memecoin & nft collector set on Solana.

1,985,000,000 $KIDS

What’s the secret password?

GFK Clubhouse.

I began building the Garbage Fail Kids NFT art series in the summer of ’23. Life happened and I needed to lean into other things. Then I met a cat named Creepy Steve who just happened to be an official Garbage Pail Kids artist for TOPPS. Yep, that happened. With some encouragement from Steve, I reengaged the collection and have started this project. Much love and appreciation to you dood.

memeing popular culture; people, places, & things.

Tired of Cats, frogs, & ai yet?

Garbage Pail Kids were the original memes of the late 1980s and early 1990s. I was 6 when they first dropped. After the Cabbage Patch controversy these Trading Cards became all of the rage. News anchors were reporting at 6 o’clock. School principals & PTOs we’re cracking down. Karen parents we’re trashing them as fast as they could be scored. Almost 40 years later they STILL sell them.

NFT Collection

Under parody laws & their own loopholes, GFK is using a similar card design to create a modern spin on pop culture people, places, & things dating from the 1980s to current times.

Live Auctions

As things kick off and the community builds, the NFTs will be sold as a live auction on X. Once a winning bid is determined & accepted, the NFT will go on-chain and the buyer given a link to mint for themselves.

$KIDS Token

The $KIDS token is a valueless SPL token minted on the Solana blockchain. There is a max supply of 1,985,000,000 $KIDS. Owning the token means you align with the values of the community.

$KIDS Burn

Each NFT mint will burn a small % of the max supply. The total amount of $KIDS burned is based on the total $KIDS given in exchange for the rights to own the NFT. No miting in SOLANA is allowed.

Club Membership

I order to become a clubhouse member you must possess $KIDS in your wallet & you must posses at least 1 NFT. Clubhouse membership grants holders access to specific perks as GPK stakeholders.

Fair Trading

Just like the 1980s, but with a degen spin, we will offer a card (NFT) trading platform to swap with other members. Trade to create unique sets. We’ll achieve this on with a solana-based smart contract.

Staking & Yield Rewards

Be a Clubhouse Validator to ensure a members-only clubhouse.


1 Validator NFT
200,000 $KIDS
30 Day minimum


1 Validator NFT
600,000 $KIDS
60 Day Minimum


1 Validator NFT
1,500,000 $KIDS
90 Day Minimum


OTC Presale +
16.6% premium.

1 SOL = 3M $KIDS (+500k)
2 SOL = 6M $KIDS (+1M)


Liquidity Pool


Marketing & Development


Holders & Yield Rewards